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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Ways to Reduce Calories Without Reducing the Amount You Eat

Ways to Reduce Calories Without Reducing the Amount You Eat

It is the season of rabies. If you go to live as you eat, do not worry. According to a survey of 990 female members of the Asahi Group, 34 percent of respondents said they had the "diet to control diet and calorie intake" as the most effective diet method in the past. Of course, calorie restriction is one of the most effective diets. However, if you are worried about calories and you are willing to "eat a little", you will be caught up in the desire to eat everything if you are ready to eat delicious food. And we feel guilty when we are feeling full. We refer to the articles of "Cosmopolitan" in USA and introduce "7 ways to reduce calories without reducing the amount of food".

Mix meat and mushrooms when making hamburgers

If you are making hamburger patties yourself, mix beef (or chicken or turkey) and chopped mushrooms at a ratio of 50:50. This not only reduces calories and costs, but also increases dietary fiber.

To reduce the calories of rice, add 'cauliflower'

Cut the cauliflower with a knife or put it in a food processor and fry it in a frying pan. Avocado oil, salt, turmeric and garlic are more delicious. Eat it as it is or even mix it with cauliflower and the same amount of rice.

Increase the amount of oatmeal to pump the pumpkin

Oatmeal, which is in the spotlight these days, is eaten in the morning in America. Health and beauty effect is high, but the amount of one person (1/2 cup) is not much. So the way to fill the boat without increasing the calories is to mix the oatmeal with the pumpkin on the plate. And please make your favorite toppings such as nuts and fruits.

Put mashed potatoes in cauliflower

To reduce the calories of mashed potatoes, mix mashed potatoes and boiled cauliflower at a ratio of 50:50. And mix in butter or sour cream, mix with sugar, almonds, milk and nutricinal yeast, and the calorie-saving is finished with cream. You can also use more potato peel to consume more nutrients and do not have to barely peel.

When you want to eat a lot of pasta Spaghetti Pumpkin Satisfaction

Pasta is one of the high calorie carbohydrates. Usually, only a large amount of pasta will increase the calories. So use spaghetti pumpkin. Cut it like a vegetable pasta, use a slicer to make it spaghetti, and mix it with a little spaghetti to reduce calories. Boil all ingredients together, add spaghetti pumpkin and boiled pasta noodles.

Added peas to Guacamole

Guacamole is a Mexican dip made with avocado. I take a chip and eat it. The province of avocado is healthy, but contains five times the calories of peas. So if you pea some of the avocados and make dips, you will lose calories. Peas also contain vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and magnesium.

Pick a cauliflower crust when eating pizza

Finally, it is re-appearance of cauliflower. If you use cauliflower in pizza dough part, you reduce calories. Also, theoretically, it is thought that the substitution of carbohydrate for salad can substitute the common pizza crust with cauliflower. Cauliflower crust can be made on its own, grind cauliflower on the steel plate, mix with eggs, cheese, salt and pepper to make dough.

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