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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Things to Eat, Unexpectedly Sugar-Filled

Things to Eat, Unexpectedly Sugar-Filled

Are you worried about sugar intake? People who are aware of health and diet and who control the amount of sugar and sugar in coffee or coffee and cookies and sweeties such as candy cannot be underestimated. But what is scary is that we eat a lot of sugar without knowing it. It is said that a lot of sugar may be contained in the food which is usually unintentionally close to the mouth. Today, referring to the overseas information site "Eco Watch" article, "10 things to eat unexpected sugar-filled idea" is introduced.

Seasoning - 4.5 tablespoons of sugar in 2 tablespoons

Ketchup, barbecue sauce, steak sauce, salad dressing, mayonnaise, and mustard, seasoning contains a lot of sugar. Some commercial barbecue sauces contain about 13 grams of sugar in 2 tablespoons. Be careful if you like to have plenty of sauce.

Fruit flavored yogurt - lump sugar 15.6 pieces

Many people think yogurt is a healthy food. But yogurt containing fruit contains 47g of sugar out of 226g. When you eat, please choose yogurt unsweetened and add fresh fruit to it.

Pasta sauce - 4 lump sugar per 1/2 cup

Paste the pasta noodles and use it for cooking Just bought pasta sauce is very convenient when you are busy. However, 1/2 cup of commercially available pasta sauce contains about 12 g of sugar. Making as much as possible can reduce your sugar intake.

Dried fruits - 8 lump sugar per 1/3 cup

It is popular because it is easy to buy at a convenience store and it is also good for beauty. 1/3 cup of dried fruit contains 24g of sugar. If you think health, please choose no sugar.

Granola bar - three sugar balls

Granola bar which can be eaten simply in the morning. They often contain nuts and dried fruits, and they are delicious. However, one granola bar has 12 grams of sugar hidden. It is recommended because you can make as you like if you make homemade.

Bread - 1 piece of sugar per piece

There will be many toast and coffee for breakfast and sandwiches and bread for lunch. However, a piece of bread contains about 2g of sugar. If you put jam on it, the amount of sugar will rise, so be careful.

Cereal - 7 sugar cubes per cup

Milk-fed cereal is a popular substitute for breakfast. There is a difference depending on the product, this is also used a lot of sugar. For example, raisin cereal contains 20 grams of sugar per cup.

Peanut Butter - 1 tablespoon sugar per 2 tablespoons

Peanut butter made from nutritious peanuts is rich and tasty. It is also called "Devil's Butter". But 2 tablespoons contain 3g sugar. I like kids, but it is better to refrain from applying plenty of bread.


Delimits (meat) such as sausage and ham also contain sugar. In addition, corn syrup or an artificial sweetener, aspartame, is being used. Sandwiches made with bread, mayonnaise and deli meats are not good for your health.

Tomato soup cans - 3 lump sugar per 1/2 cup

Tomato soup cans for a healthy diet, but the sugar is actually hidden. It is said that 10 grams of sugar is used per 1/2 cup, and many products use isomerization sugar (sugar + liquid fructose mixed sweetener).

For reference, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a daily intake of 25 g sugar (8 sugar). If you do not consume, it is easy to overdose. Please note that not only the visible sugar, but also the invisible sugar contained in the market.

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