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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Things That Doctors Never Eat

Things That Doctors Never Eat

The first thing that comes to mind when we are sick is the mother and the hospital. When I go to the hospital, the doctor 's words sound like the words of God. Doctors are also people. But unexpectedly, there are a lot of foods that we eat that are not good for human body. There is food in the hospital that doctors do not eat. Today 's posting theme is "11 kinds of foods that doctors never eat from the foods we ate."

Diet drinks

Women eat a lot of 'zero calories' when they drink. Diet drinks may not have calories, but there are so many artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are fatal to the brain, so please reduce zero-calorie drinks. If you have seen the 9 'Zero Calorie Carbonated Drinks', you will know for sure what it means.


Because margarine makes a lot of trans fat, doctors say it's less harmful to your body to eat butter instead of margarine. Also, margarine has a higher oil content than butter, which is not good for your health. Please refrain from using margarine.

Tomatoes in cans

In Korea, canned food in cans is growing day by day. Especially in the case of the United States, canned food is developed in a large number of cans. For canned tomatoes, it is recommended that you select a product that is contained in a glass bottle rather than a canister because it contains harmful substances inside the can.

White Chocolate

Chocolate improves instant concentration. Especially for dark chocolate, there are many advantages that help diet. White chocolate has a high sugar content and a low cacao content, so it is said to be a lump of sugar. It is recommended that you choose dark chocolate when you eat chocolate.

Processed meat (processed meat)

These include ham, sausage, and bacon, which are often included when we make our food with ease. First of all, as it is processed meat, it contains a lot of fat and cholesterol comes naturally. Add preservatives or similar ingredients to increase shelf life. One expert has even said that "processed meat is a by-product of the least nutritious animal." Of course, there are also very healthy processed meats, but most of the processed meats are unhealthy foods.

Popcorn, especially for microwave oven

A simple popcorn contains a lot of trans fats per 100g. (It is said to contain up to 11g.) Also, artificial seasoning or artificial butter oil is used for various flavors. So of course it is good for obesity and bad for our body. Also, popcorn containers that are sold in the market are likely to be coated with PFOA, an environmental pollutant. It is not a good judgment for your health to put in a microwave oven to fry popcorn into these coated containers.

Non-fat milk

In fact, the problem is that milk is as bad as a hot potato every time. However, because milk has its own fat, low-fat or non-fat milk comes out to reduce it. However, the fat contained in milk does not affect obesity so much, and nonfat milk cannot usually get as much nutrients as milk.

Artificial colors

You've probably heard a lot of artificial colors. It is a very popular ingredient in sweets and ice cream. These artificial colors consist of a mixture of artificial seasoning + sugar + pigment. Of course, eating these sugars and some coloring does not have a big effect on your body. The part to be careful here is "tar pigment" among artificial colors. The artificial coloring matter is divided into 'tar color pigment' and 'bit tar color pigment'. Tar color pigments are mostly harmful to human body, and they are hardly used in Europe. Therefore, it is best not to eat this tar color pigment.

Corn Syrup

Syrup is one of the most commonly used ingredients for making desserts. Among these syrups, especially syrup to be careful is 'corn syrup'. Sugar is also a kind of syrup, so the sugar content is about six times higher than sugar. So it is often used in drinks and other drinks. In fact, when it is combined with fat, sweetness can cause an addiction and lead to excessive intake.

Wheat flour

Flour poisoning is spreading like a fashion among modern people, and flour is the material of snacks that are loved by many people. In particular, 'gluten', one of the major components of flour, is the problematic ingredient. If you continue to consume this gluten-rich white flour, obesity becomes a problem. Chronic constipation also comes, and bone density is lowered, and skin trouble (eczema) is caused. It contains all kinds of artificial additives, and a lot of sugar or artificial syrup is added for sweetness.

Ice cream

One of the foods that doctors never eat is ice cream. Dr. Michael Hurt, a nutritionist, cited ice cream as the worst food given to humans.

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