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Monday, June 3, 2019

The Food That a Doctor Eats for Health Is Yogurt in The Second Place, The First Place?

The Food That a Doctor Eats for Health Is Yogurt in The Second Place, The First Place?

There are a lot of foods that are good for health, but it seems that there are a few things to eat well for people who are interested in everyday health. Do you not care what doctors who know the human body are eating for their own health? So, based on MediPhair and domestic medical information, we introduce "10 kinds of foods that physicians are actively eating for their health".

Shiitake mushrooms

Beta Glucan is especially rich in shiitake mushrooms. "Betaglucan, which is also widely used as a health functional food, is rich in immunity enhancers." (Ejji Hospital Nutrition Team Leader) Also, shiitake mushrooms have a high content of retinans that help the macrophages that eat viruses.

Red ginseng, ginseng, beans

Saponins improve our immune system. One pharmacist in Charm said, "After ingestion of red ginseng, there have been many reports that the number of immune cells such as T cells and NK cells has increased. Saponin smoothes blood circulation and has antioxidant effect, which helps improve immunity." I did. These foods containing a lot of saponin are red ginseng, ginseng, and beans.

Garlic, onion, ginger

Alicin in garlic has a powerful antimicrobial action and reduces the inflammatory substances, which relieves immune cells of their work. Onyang inulin, like yogurt lactic acid bacteria, helps produce intestinal lactobacilli. I usually eat garlic pickles and onion slices.

Vitamin C

Other animals say vitamin C can be synthesized in the body, but people are unable to eat it as food. Foods rich in vitamin C include acerola, red pepper, kiwi, broccoli, orange, and lemon.

Olive oil

Olive oil already has a lot of efficacy. Its efficacy includes antioxidants, cholesterol prevention, prevention of adult diseases, digestion, treatment of stomach pain, liver function, constipation treatment and prevention, diabetes prevention, skin protection, skin calming effect, bones and brain development of fetus and growing child I help you.


"Apples and warm food in the morning" (30s, neurology, women) "Every morning I eat apples and yogurt" (50s, general surgery, male). There are doctors who keep on digesting to keep the body cool and continue to take it.


"Vegetables often choose cruciferous vegetables including broccoli. It is better to cook with olive oil together without water." (50s medical checkup, preventive medicine male) Broccoli is a vegetable that is easy to obtain and easy to eat among cruciferous vegetables. It is a secret of popularity. "Broccoli is highly recommended because it has a lot of protein" (40s, anesthesiologist, male).

Natto or Cheonggukjang

"Soy products such as natto and chongkukjang have the effect of suppressing the hormone system malignant tumors." (30s, general medicine, male) "We are taking care of ingestion of natto.
I can buy it easily, but it may be popular with high health effect.


"Yogurt improves the immune function of allergens in the intestinal bacterium and improves the immune function." (40s, general medicine, male) and "I take milk, yogurt and cheese every morning for calcium. In the United States, it is expressed as 3 a day. "(40s, general medicine, female) It is also known that many doctors are actively ingesting for the purpose of health maintenance.


"I eat as much as possible." (50s, general medicine, female) "Every morning I eat with vinegar and olive oil." (30s, respiratory medicine, female) There are many doctors. Tomatoes are attractive because it is a regular vegetable that can be bought in any super.

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