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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Ten Amazing Effects of Cinnamon, Now in Season

Ten Amazing Effects of Cinnamon, Now in Season

From September to December, 'Cinnamon' is one of the three spices in the world, along with pepper and cloves. We are already eating various desserts under the name of 'cinnamon'. Today, we are going to introduce the positive efficacy that cinnamon gives to our body. I have a bad day especially when I am not feeling well or are in bad condition. Then the amazing efficacy of cinnamon will help. Today 's posting theme is "10 Amazing Efficacies of Seasonal Cinnamon (Cinnamon)" now referring to the article of Little Things.

01. Anti-aging with the best "antioxidant"

Cinnamon is a strong "antioxidant" is said to have. Antioxidant activity is expected to prevent aging, so please introduce cinnamon every day.

02. Eases inflammation.

Antioxidant effects can also be expected to have anti-inflammatory effects. It is easy to eat cinnamon when some inflammation occurs and is difficult.

03. Decrease risk of heart disease

Cinnamon is said to have the effect of reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. It leads to lower risk of heart disease.

04. Control blood pressure

Studies show that cinnamon is also effective in lowering blood pressure. Controlling blood pressure is a very good thing to prevent heart disease.

05. Prevents infection of germs or fungi

Cinnamon is also effective in preventing infections of various bacteria and fungi. Nowadays, you can exert its effect on the turn of the year, which is likely to catch a cold.

06. Suitable for candida prevention

This is also a kind of infection prevention, but the antibacterial component of cinnamon is said to be effective in preventing candida disease.

07. Arrange the condition of the ship.

The antimicrobial effect of cinnamon is known to be particularly effective against intestinal bacteria. If the condition of the stomach is not good for some reason, it is good to drink cinnamon tea.

08. Prevention of tooth decay and gum disease

The antibacterial effect of cinnamon is effective on bacteria in the mouth. It is a good efficacy that can expect antimicrobial effect without damaging the teeth.

09. Erectile dysfunction

This kind of cure is a therapy that is also treated in one room, and it consumes cinnamon to warm the uterus as well as digestive system. Therefore, menstrual cramps, is said to have the effect of relieving menstrual irregularities.

10. Prevention of cough and bronchitis

I use it as medicine in one room. It also has the effect of warming the lungs and stomach, promoting circulation, stopping coughing and preventing bronchitis.

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