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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Kinds of Foods That Are Rather Poisonous

Kinds of Foods That Are Rather Poisonous

It is the period when we spend hot weather regardless of breakfast lunch and dinner. How are you? In hot weather, you have to be more careful about eating more for your body. A body that is immune to hot weather can easily become sick due to changes. Especially, if we eat food that we eat 3 meals every day, we can harm our body. Based on the information of the Japanese Health Center, we introduce 12 kinds of foods that are rather poisonous when you eat together.

Eel + peach → diarrhea
If you eat peaches after eating eels, you can suffer from diarrhea. Eel eels are chewy, but digestion is slow. It is the fat contained in the eel. Eels contain 21% fat, which is broken down into fatty acids by lipase in the small intestine. It can cause diarrhea by eating peaches even before the breakdown is over. This is because the organic acid that gives off the refreshing taste of peach stimulates the intestines.
Octopus + ferns → indigestion
Octopus and bracken are both burdensome foods. Octopus is a high protein, but it does not digest well, and bracken has a lot of fiber, so it is difficult for someone with weak stomach to digest. If you eat both of these together, the digestion may worsen due to the worse yet.
Shellfish + corn → food poisoning
Seashells are also susceptible to crab damage or germs. In the spawning season, toxins are also made to protect themselves.
Corn is also a food that cannot be digested. If you eat corn after eating shellfish, digestion will be slowed down and harmful bacteria will not be released, resulting in stomach and food poisoning.
Steak + butter → cholesterol rise
The tenderloin and sirloin for steak are soft and tasty with plenty of fat. However, there is a lot of fat, high calorie high cholesterol food. This is the same for butter. Therefore, if you use butter together while cooking a steak, it will melt gently in your mouth, but it is difficult for your blood to gently blur.
crab + persimmon → food poisoning
If you eat persimmons, dried persimmons, and crystal dishes after eating crab dishes, you may get food poisoning with indigestion. Crab is a high-protein food, fast-growing food poisoning bacteria. If there is a harmful ingredient in a crab, it should be released as diarrhea immediately. If you eat persimmon, you may get constipation because of tannin ingredient in it. Because of this, harmful fungi remain in the body and can lead to food poisoning.
Ramen + Coke → calcium deficiency
Coke, a carbonated drink, interferes with calcium absorption. This also applies to ramen. Ramen is chemically chemically bound to calcium and is prone to calcium deficiency. If you drink a cup of cola after eating ramen, you can pull all the calcium stored in your body and make your bones and teeth weak. This can lead to osteoporosis and tooth decay.

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