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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Fears Why You Should Not Drink Zero Calorie Soda

Fears Why You Should Not Drink Zero Calorie Soda

When I open the lid, I hear a lot of people who like to drink a refreshing fragrance and bubbles with the sound of "piss" People who are always worried about dieting always want to drink calorie diet, which is called 'Calorie Zero'. If you are habitual to drink several times a day, you are likely to see the health effects listed below. The posting to be introduced today is a horrific reason that you should not drink 'zero-calorie carbonated beverages' with reference to Prevention and CNN articles. Nine '.

Obesity and Diabetes Take a Chance Rise

In addition to regular carbonated drinks containing a large amount of sugar, artificial sweeteners contained in calorie-zero diet soda are said to secrete a large amount of insulin from the pancreas. And repeating it can cause insulin secretion deficiency and cause diabetes. Also, if you have a habit of drinking diet soda in the next 10 years, 65% more likely to get obesity, or if you do not want to become such an adult disease, drink and tea around the center.

Causes of kidney stones

According to a study published by Harvard Medical School in 2013, drinking carbonated drinks increased the chance of kidney stones by 23 percent and drinking another sweetened drink increased by 33 percent. Also, even if you do not have kidney stones, the effect of additives in diet soda is likely to worsen liver function.

The bones become weaker.

This is not really a ritual, but a real one. Studies have shown that the intake of carbonated beverages is very likely to cause the bones to become too weak. There is a tendency for bones to become weak, so "women of the ages of menopause" should pay particular attention.

Neurons in the brain grow.

According to the European Journal of Medical Research, artificial sweeteners contained in dietary soda change the signal between neurons in the brain, and the brain's function deteriorates rather. "If you drink carbonated beverages are clean?" It may sound like something, but it certainly comes at a moment. It also causes headaches, insomnia, and anxiety disorders. Therefore, it is certain to adversely affect the brain.

Corrosive to teeth

A study of carbonated beverages found that excessive intake of diet carbonated beverages corrodes teeth to levels similar to those of cocaine, methamphetamine, or methamphetamine. The strong acid in the carbonated beverage melts the enamel on the tooth surface.

Increase the risk of depression

According to an American Academy Neurology study, people who drank four or more cans of carbonated drinks a day for 10 years had a 30 percent higher risk of developing depression than those who did not drink any carbonated drinks.

Makes drinking more dangerous

According to researchers at the University of Kentucky (Northern Kentucky University), a cocktail made from a dietic carbonated drink has been shown to increase blood alcohol levels more rapidly than a cocktail made with a regular carbonated drink. It is estimated that the artificial sweeteners contained in the diet carbonated beverages are much faster to absorb in the body than natural sugars.

Disturb the body senses

Brooke Alpert, author of The sugar detox, warns that artificial sweeteners used in diet carbonated beverages can disturb our taste because it has a much stronger taste than sugar. Alpert says that if you continue to drink a diet of carbonated beverages, you may not be able to feel the taste of naturally sweet foods like fruits.

Can cause heart disease

Researchers at the University of Miami and Columbia have found that dietary carbonated beverages can increase the risk of death from heart attacks, paralysis, and vascular disease by as much as 43 percent compared to eating ordinary carbonated beverages.

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