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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Facts About Scissor Pushed by Anyone

Facts About Scissor Pushed by Anyone

Has anyone ever been touched by scissors at least once? It is a mysterious 'scissor-squeezing' that has a wide variety of theories even in the modern science. The person who has experienced is generally wet with cold sweat, and it is normal to lose all of his strength even if he barely wakes up. Today, we refer to the article of the overseas press "Hier Perspective" and introduce "9 facts about scissor pushed by anyone".

Feeling dead

Pushing the scissors is a state in which consciousness is awake but the body is not moving. It feels like you're stuck in a shell. If you are pressed by a scissors, you feel like you are dead.

It's easy to catch when sleep is shallow.

There are 'REM sleep' and 'Non REM sleep' which is deep sleep. These two conditions are repeated during sleep, but scissor compression usually occurs at REM sleep.

Open your eyes and see horrific hallucinations

People who have been put on scissors often say "I had a nightmare." You can see the horrifying hallucination that you think is reality with consciousness and eyes awake.

There is only one way

It's hard to make a request for help around the scissors, and it's really hard to figure out what to do. The way to get rid of scissor pressing is to wait until it can move.

It can happen to anyone

Most people are known to experience at least once as they live. (Some of them may not know that scissors have been pressed.)

People with difficulty falling asleep have more symptoms.

In some studies, it was found that people who cannot sleep well are more likely to be subject to scissors pressure.

Study as a demon or an alien man from old times

In the Persian medical literature of the 10th century, it has already been recorded about the "scissors crushed", and it is said that it can be various causes of the 'scissor crushing' such as demons and aliens or sleep paralysis. But I do not know the exact reason yet.

Some people feel heavy in their chest.

Depending on the person, you can feel something in your heart. The weight of the chest and the hallucination of the scissors are perceived as a more terrible experience. That's why many people report that souls or witches sit in their chests. 

In the end, a simple phenomenon does not die

If you experience scissor punching, you are really going to die. However, please be assured that you will not die due to scissors pressing.

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