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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

450 Won for One, 6 Amazing Effects of the Eggplant

450 Won for One, 6 Amazing Effects of the Eggplant

Poppy in China is said to have used egg packs for skin care. 93% of the branches contain water, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins, but nutrients are not much. However, the anthocyanin contained in the purple shell enhances the efficacy of the branch, and Antoshian acts as an antioxidant to remove active oxygen, which is the main cause of aging. Dietary fiber of the branch is also a nutrient that helps the intestinal health. In Japan, we announced the six benefits of eggplant, introducing 6 amazing benefits of Eggplant at 450 won per egg.

Enhancement of chapter function

It is the efficacy of the branch which strengthens the chapter function. Dietary fiber of the branch is a typical enteral nutrition nutrient. It not only improves the diseases such as constipation, but also has the effect of preventing intestinal diseases by removing the waste matter in the intestines. In addition, constipation when you diet can be prevented by the effect.

Anti-cancer effect

The efficacy of the branch has been noticed because of the polyphenol ingredient, which is known to have the ability to inhibit carcinogens. This kind of polyphenol is very effective because the inhibition rate of cancer cells is 80%.

Antipyretic therapy

The nature of the branch helps to lower the fever of a person who is hot in the tea because of this reason, and it can see the efficacy of the branch to cleanse the mind that has been mixed with heat by ingesting the branch. It is better to avoid those who are cold because of the cold nature of these branches.

Hypertension treatment

The efficacy of the branch has the effect of lowering blood pressure and it should be consumed steadily. Dietary intake of branches can help improve the symptoms of dizziness and cleanse blood, so you can prevent hyperlipidemia through the steady intake of the branches.

Inflammation treatment

The cold nature of the branches is good for inflammation, and the inflammation becomes worse in the original hot environment. Therefore, if you have inflammation, eat the food of the branch can quickly help to cure inflammation. In fact, long ago, these effects of the worms have been fixed with the effect of the warts, such as the features of the branch of the branch is said to be especially.

Fatigue recovery effect

The efficacy of the branch has a very high vitamin content, which is good for relieving fatigue by eliminating the stress of cells. It also provides basic nutrition and is good for chronic fatigue. If you continue to consume the eggplant, you can see the effect of improving the physical strength.

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