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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Twelve Kinds of 'Tequila' Efficacy

Twelve Kinds of 'Tequila' Efficacy

'Tequila', which is known worldwide for its unique fragrance and intense flavor, is the origin of the Mexican halysco and is a high degree of alcohol with an alcohol content of 35 to 55%. It is the one who gives tension to the drinkers at once. Tequila is a spirits made from a plant called "agave" that resemble aloe, and it is an authentic drinking style to drink salt while lime is cooked in your mouth. But according to the overseas media "Elite Daily", "Tequila" is said to give a good effect to our body. The topic of posting today is "12 kinds of potency tequila" which improves the body.

Cold Prevention

In the 1930s, Mexican doctors recommended drinking a 5-ounce drink of tequila, agave, honey, there is a history that has been used as medicine.

Analgesic effect

Tequila has the effect of expanding blood vessels. This helps the blood flow to improve and minimize the pain, especially when the pain is momentary.

You can avoid a hangover

"There is a lie, I have a hangover experience with tequila ..." If you have experience of drinking agave 100% pure tequila in a high-end line rather than a commonly-available tequila, this objection will be resolved shortly. It is really difficult hangover.

Helps with diet

Diet? It's like a lie, but it's real. Tequila has the effect of reducing weight. A team of researchers have given tequilas to obese rats, and most studies show that most mice lose weight.

Lower blood sugar

Included in the agar-agar "Agabina" is a kind of sugar is not absorbed by the body. It also acts to secrete insulin, a hormone that lowers blood sugar.

You can enjoy straight smell.

The same strong drink, vodka, because most alcohol and water are not included, there is not much smell. It is convincing to use a lot as a base of cocktails. However, tequila is served straight with salt and lime, so you can enjoy a unique flavor.

Decreased triglycerides and cholesterol

The main causes of arteriosclerosis are triglycerides and cholesterol. Foods that lower their blood levels are often on the table. Surprisingly, sugar contained in tequila is effective in lowering triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

It is difficult to develop diabetes.

The general sake contains a lot of sugar. Beer, and so on. However, the sugar contained in tequila is small, so even if you drink a lot of it, you will not have diabetes more than people who drink beer at home.

It makes it difficult to absorb fat.

It has the effect of preventing fat absorption in the intestines. When drinking, it is easy to eat fatty foods such as tempura to protect the stomach, but this effect is good news for people who worry about weight.

No chaser required.

If you drink chaser soda, you will get a lot of sugar. But tequila does not need a chaser because it tastes good and smells good. If you want, though, it is recommended to remove the lime. ('Chaser' refers to a drink that is drunk behind a heavy drink.)

Clean the colon

Researchers at the University of Mexico have found that agave populations in tequila contribute to the health of the colon (part of the colon). It also has anti-inflammatory effects such as Crohn's disease and colon inflammation.

Sleeping comfortably helps

If you drink a little tequila before you can go into a more stable sleep. Of course, you do not need to drink a lot. One shot is enough. Tequila is the best cocktail before you fall asleep. The one that makes the life that ancient Aztec leaves to us is 'Tequila'.

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