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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Reasons Why You Should Eat 'Folic Acid' Even If You Are Not Pregnant

Reasons Why You Should Eat 'Folic Acid' Even If You Are Not Pregnant

It would be a good story to say that pregnant women should "take folic acid (vitamin B)." "Folic acid" has the effect of regenerating and developing cells and is known to be necessary for the development of the baby. The Insufficient folic acid can damage the brain and spine innately. Such folic acid can expect various effects besides pregnant women. If you cannot get enough of your meals, you can use a supplement. The topic of posting today is "There are eight reasons why you should eat 'Folic acid' even if you are not pregnant.

Recommended for people with anemia

Folic acid is mainly found in fruits of citrus fruits such as broccoli, banana, papaya, avocado, asparagus, and tangerine and lemon. Also, soybeans, yeast, and mushrooms are abundant. Folic acid plays an important role in creating new cells, prevents anemia and stimulates blood circulation.

Reduced risk of thyroid disease

A lack of fol-ate may result in hypothyroidism. It may slow down the metabolic rate, lead to fatigue and deterioration of the immune system, or cause symptoms such as menstrual irregularity and amenorrhea.

Help decrease blood pressure

harmful homo cysteine ​​is decomposed. Increased homo cysteine ​​due to insufficient folic acid increases blood pressure and increases the risk of stroke or heart disease.

Gum disease prevention effect

'Homo cysteine' introduced above can cause the gum disease by fusing collagen. In other words, ingesting folic acid can prevent the progression of the gum disease.

Suppress deterioration of eyesight and hearing

It is inevitable that your eyesight and hearing deteriorate with age, but taking folic acid can delay the progression. In addition, lack of folic acid may cause sudden hearing loss.

Prevent kidney disease

Homo cysteine ​​is a major cause of kidney disease. People who consume a lot of "folic acid" can prevent kidney disease in advance.

The bones become strong.

People with osteoporosis and people with weak bones also recommend folic acid. In particular, lowering the secretion of female hormones to lower bone density is likely to weaken the bones.

Alzheimer's preventive effect

People who consume a lot of folic acid have proven difficult to get Alzheimer's. This is because folic acid has the effect of slowing brain and memory deterioration.

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