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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Chronic fatigue? 9 Symptoms of iron deficiency

Chronic fatigue? 9 Symptoms of iron deficiency

In autumn, there are many people who have fallen in love with the rainy season. Have you been suffering from fatigue for some time recently? The iron we're talking about today is one of the most important minerals, but it has anemia due to lack of 30% (about 2 billion people) of the world's population. Especially women have a menstrual period, so you should take plenty of iron. The posting theme of today, based on the article by author Laura Caseley, is "Chronic Fatigue - 9 Symptoms That Appear When Iron Is Lacked".

▼ What is 'iron'?

Iron plays a role in producing hemoglobin, a protein that transports oxygen. It is an essential mineral for living. to
It also carries the multivalent enzyme function and electrons that cross the cell. As I mentioned earlier, women lose more blood every month and need more iron than men. The standard of one day is about 18g.

01. I sleep well and my fatigue is not solved.

If enough oxygen is not supplied to the body and brain, "fatigue" spreads throughout the body. Especially if you do not get stressed and have enough sleep, and you do not lose fatigue, it is because of lack of iron.

02. I get tired and my breath gets tired.

If you do not have enough iron, you will get fatigue soon after you move a little. For example, if you have difficulty breathing deeply after going up and down stairs, carrying heavy objects, and after a short stroll, you should consider iron deficiency.

03. The face is pale.

When oxygen enters the hemoglobin, the red color appears on the face and body and the blood color becomes better. On the other hand, when iron is not enough, the color looks bad. If you feel that the back of your lips and the color below your eyelids are falling, get a medical examination at the hospital.

04. The nail went in concave.

Fingernails also require oxygen. A broken nail or a concave depression like a spoon is evidence of iron deficiency.

05. The hair becomes weak and falls out.

Hair also requires oxygen. If you do not have enough oxygen, your hair will become weaker and easier to fall off. I want to send oxygen to other parts of my body, but when it is deficient, my hair supply becomes unstable. However, you can rest assured that when you consume iron, your hair will survive.

06. I have a headache.

If enough oxygen is not supplied to the brain, the arteries in the brain will swell and cause headaches. If you have a headache other than fatigue, it is the worst combination. It is a definite symptom of lack of iron.

07. suffer from poor circulation

If the hemoglobin moves blood and oxygen in the body, the body gets warm. Iron also plays an important role in thyroid function. With this function, the person's body temperature is maintained as normal. In other words, if you do not have enough iron, you will feel chills even in cold places.

08. My legs flutter.

Have you ever wakened your legs and never slept at night? This is also a symptom of iron deficiency. Because the receptive organ that absorbs the iron in the brain is not working properly, there is a possibility that you accidentally release dopamine and your legs may move back and forth.

09. Depression

According to one study in 2013, anemia symptoms cause symptoms such as depression. Frustration on small things or anorexia and bipolar affect the symptoms.

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