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Saturday, June 1, 2019

9 Good Health Effects for Tears

9 Good Health Effects for Tears

When I saw 'Inside Out' last year, the character of 'Sadness' at the beginning was troublesome, troublesome and quite troublesome. It was no use for the moment of desperation that there was no way to solve the problem as the drama progressed, and the "joy" that always gave bright and positive energy to despairing bingo. "Sadness" was silently sympathizing and crying. After crying with tears, I find a clue to the solution. As an adult man, I also seem to have prejudices about crying with tears.

When have you ever tears?

There will be tears of joy and I hate crying here when the sadness and bitterness that I hold is so great that I cannot stand it! There may be times when you have to endure. However, it is true that when we cry, we become refined. This is not a mood. According to the article of overseas "Little Tang", it is said that it is effective to make the mind and body happy only by shedding tears

01. Delirious tears have detoxifying effect.

The tears that emotionally shake out contain more toxins than tears that are shed by simple stimuli (such as chopped onions). Tears simply have no negative emotional consequences. It helps to detoxify toxins.

02. If you are tearful, your vision becomes clear.

Tears that come into the eyes with dust come into effect to protect your eyes by cleaning your eyes. According to the "National Eye Institute", tears are a precious presence that keeps the eyes dry. When we cry, water replenishes and visibility becomes clear, and it becomes very happy.

03. Decreased stress with hormone secretion

I would have liked to cry because of the stress I had accumulated. However, according to the "Medical Daily", tears are not just a response to stress, but hormone secretion to relieve stress. Have you ever experienced a cry that once you have recovered from the cry, your work in front of you has become easier?

04. Sterilization effect of lysozyme contained in tears

One of the ingredients of tears, "Reisozyamu" has the power to kill bacterial cell walls and kill bacteria. Research has shown that tears have the power to fight germs in the eyes and face. Anyone who has ever cried with mascara will be convinced of the fact that the makeup has been removed with tears.

05. "It's clean if you cry" is not because of feeling.

I feel good after I cry. According to the article "Miracle of Tears", it is said that when the tears are shed, the "manganese", which releases the endorphin and turns the mind down, is reduced.

06. Once you cry, your relationship with people deepens.

The crying figure seems to be revealing itself as if it is small, and there will be some people who are embarrassed easily. But for that reason, "tears" deepens the relationship with people. Tell your friends, family and lovers honest feelings, and when you cry, your opponent reveals your inner thoughts like you.

07. The clogging of the nose disappears and cool.

Tears are related to nasal obstruction as a runny nose comes out. If you cry, you may think your nose is clogged, but after you actually stop crying, the nasal cavity becomes cooler.

08. Stress Down Immunity Up

Tears not only have a bactericidal action, but also create a healthy body by lowering the stress level. You can expect good health effects by lightening your stress with tears before your body can not cope.

09. I want to clear my head and think about the following

If the head is cleared by crying like a proverb that says, 'If you are tied to a tiger, you need to be smart,' you can regain the 'spirit' that sees the essence of your problem. Tears have so many effects. Is it okay to shed tears from time to time?

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