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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

8 Amazing Health Effects Hidden in 'Basil' I Did Not Know

8 Amazing Health Effects Hidden in 'Basil' I Did Not Know

Originally in ancient Greece, I cherish the refreshing scent and soothing effect, and I called the royal herb that was used in medicines and baths as "royal herb". Basil is a very noble herb that is prized as a sacred herb dedicated to God in India and as a herb that comforts dead souls in Persia and Egypt. In this way, basil is not only delicious but also has amazing health effects. Today's posting theme is "8 amazing health effects hidden in basil" I just did not know.

01. The dark spots on the nostrils are basil

Using the basil leaves, the dark spots of the nostril are relieved? You can try it out and try it out. Cover your nostrils with basil leaves and gently massage for 5 minutes.

02. Help with anti-aging and skin care

Fatigue and stress can cause skin problems that cause your body to lose function, and weakness can cause inactive skin to have less motivation. At this time, we recommend bath with plenty of basil. β-carotene and vitamin E directly touch the skin to prevent dermatitis or dry skin. In addition, the "terpene" fragrance ingredient has sedative and soothing effect.

03. It is effective for fever and sore throat.

Saponin, which is the bitter component of goya, also contains basil. Helps relieve neck pain. It has sterilization and antibacterial action, so it is effective for bronchitis and heat.

04. Restoring sight of office workers

It's good news for a lot of business people. The antioxidant nutrient Lutein contained in blueberries is effective in restoring and maintaining sight in basil.

05. Effective for shoulder stiffness and poor circulation

Vitamin E promotes blood circulation and extends peripheral blood vessels to promote blood circulation is a pure function of the basil. It is also effective for shoulder stiffness and poor circulation. It is good to take the last day of herbal tea with rosemary to relieve muscle and mint to soothe.

06. Antioxidant action "cancer prevention"

Β carotene is usually reminiscent of carrots and pumpkins, but also contains a rich basil. I have antioxidants that protect my body from active enzymes that cause cancer and arteriosclerosis. The National Cancer Center has a health effect that is so good that it ranked 'basil' in the list of foods for cancer prevention.

07. Premenstrual women are good for health

Surprisingly, calcium and iron-rich basil is effective in preventing anemia. In addition, the aroma of the basil also acts on the autonomic nerves, which makes you feel depressed. Basil is especially good for women's health.

08. Effective for dogs as well as people

Antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiviral effects are effective for humans. Also, it is said that it is effective as a dressing for dogs. American dog site "modeandog" introduced fresh food with chopped basil on top of rice.

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