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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

June 11, 2019

Beauty Tips for Face

Beauty Tips for Face

Caring for facial skin is very important. In fact, this is one of the most important aspects of most people's beauty routines. Many people work to keep their skin elastic, smooth and without flaws.
Fortunately, many useful cosmetics have been invented over time. These products help keep your skin young and healthy.
However, natural simple methods can keep the skin perfectly and do not need to spend money on expensive products. These habits are easy to practice. It also minimizes the free radical damage that causes premature aging.

Daily Cleansing

It is essential to cleanse your face daily. Cleansing products make your face smooth and flawless.
Cleansing products can remove dust and other debris from the pores.
Makeup should be done every morning before makeup. Of course, you should do it every night before you fall asleep.
People with oily skin can supplement this habit with wet tissue. However, such a tissue should not change the pH of the skin.


An exfoliant is a great help for skin care. This product makes skin fresh and oxygenated to the skin. These products are designed to remove keratin and all kinds of impurities, and they also remove impurities from the skin.
Apply once or twice a week to keep your face soft and radiant, and eliminate defects caused by excessive oil.
It also eliminates blackheads, reduces side effects from sun exposure, and is recommended for softening skin color.

Moisture Supply

Maintaining moisture is not just helping the internal organs. Moisture retention also affects our skin.
Water is essential to increase blood flow. Sufficient supply of water results in more oxygen and elasticity in the cells.
Therefore, you should drink 6-8 glasses of water every day for your skin. This will give the skin elasticity and make the skin appear younger.


The simple way to use sunscreen every day is to perfect the skin, which also helps prevent premature aging.
This product minimizes the side effects of ultraviolet rays. As a result, it prevents spots, wrinkles, and sunburn.

Natural Pack

It is good for skin if you regularly use natural packs. This is a cheap and healthy way to supply additional nutrients to your skin.
Some materials are recommended for this treatment. Among them, we recommend fruits, yogurt and olive oil rich in water and antioxidants.
It is important to choose the best material for your skin type. For example, using oily ingredients on oily skin is not a wise process.

Balanced diet

A complete and balanced diet is also very important. These diets help not only your inner health but also your appearance.
Taking foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals can help maintain skin elasticity. At the same time, the risk of premature aging can be reduced.
In addition, a healthy and balanced diet prevents excessive acidity and toxins from the blood. This is directly related to all major skin problems.

Facial movement

Face muscles also need daily exercise. If you exercise, your face will be firm and strong.
Facial exercise is an easy way to prevent wrinkles and sagging of the face.
There are some exercises that we can do every day. Some of these exercises include pronouncing vowels, stretching the neck, or taking a gesture of kissing.


Regular detoxification is a very healthy habit. This brings direct benefits to the skin.
If your skin has spots, pimples, or skin imperfections, try to concentrate on detoxification. These are the result of toxicity within the body.
There are several easy ways to purify the body. This includes drinking lemon water, drinking green beverages, or drinking alkaline water in the morning.
On the whole, you do not have to buy expensive cosmetic products for radiant skin. Just use these simple tips and take a healthy lifestyle.

June 11, 2019

Kinds of Sugar Tips for Beauty and Treatment

Kinds of Sugar Tips for Beauty and Treatment

If you fall down, sad food, sugar. If you have used only for the purpose of sweetening food, here's a note. Here are 10 tips on how to use the best sugar!

Wound healing

According to one study, sugar can be used to treat wounds. The sugar ingredient cleans the wound and helps regenerate the torn blood vessels. It is useful to know for your doctor in case of an emergency, such as sugar therapy, ointment or disinfectant, which is recommended.

Stain removal

To remove stubborn stains easily, add 2 tablespoons of sugar and a small amount of water to the place where stains are present and leave for about 30 minutes. After that, put it in the washing machine and turn it as usual.
This method is especially effective for removing vegetable stains, and can also be used to remove coffee stains.

Remove facial keratin and blackhead

Sugar can also be used to exfoliate the face. 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon of rice flour, 1 tablespoon of milk, apply to the cleansed face and massage gently for 5 minutes. Now wait until the water is dry and wash it in cold water. This consistently ensures smooth, glazed skin without keratin.

Lip exfoliation

It's not just a face. Sugar is also good for keratin which occurs on lips. Take a crystal sugar on a water-filled finger, massage it gently in a circle against your lips. It is well suited for the management of fine dry lips in winter.

Whole body exfoliation

When I push my sensitive skin with a towel, I get irritated and come up red and red. Instead, gently rub in a solution of 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 4 tablespoons of sugar. Afterwards, if you wash with lukewarm water, the skin becomes soft like a hot spring bath.

Coarse foot care

Sugar is also effective in removing dead skin cells. Once your feet are softened with a hot-water footbath, mix with sugar and peppermint oil and massage. Effectively removes dead skin cells, which are thickly packed with sugar, and oil ingredients soften the skin.

Storage of confectionery

To enjoy freshly baked cookies, please store in an airtight container containing one or two sugar cubes. This method is excellent not only for sweets but also for cheese storage.
Sugar is a principle that keeps freshness of food long by preventing growth and propagation of various bacteria.

Hand cleaner

It is a tip that cleans dirty hands. Rinse your hands with a solution of sugar and olive oil and wash your hands. You can wash away stains that cannot be easily erased.

When I was shot at a bee

Try putting sugar cubes on the bite or biting area of ​​insects such as bees. Ingredients in sugar prevent the spread of toxins and relieve swelling.

Fresh flowers

If you want to keep the flowers you have received for a long time, take 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of vinegar in vase water. Vinegar prevents the growth of bacteria and sugar nourishes flowers.

Thanksgiving sugar, which adds sweetness to all kinds of food, is a food that is most beneficial to health. If you know what you need, take advantage of it!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

June 06, 2019

Five Truths of Pedicure That Ruins Foot Health

Five Truths of Pedicure That Ruins Foot Health

Warmer weather also means that the pedicure season is back. I think many women will have a pedicure in the summer, which is the season for sandals and slippers. However, as long as I cannot ignore it, I try to write a post today. Let's take a look at what the foot doctor Jacqueline Sutra is talking about: "The five truths of a pedicure that ruins foot health."

Jacqueline Sutra

Before you sit in a pedicure chair, you should look into your feet, ankles, toes, and heels. Jacqueline Sutra, a podiatrist in New York, says the problem with the pedicure is that the infection is worse and the onset of the disease is worse.

The process of pedicure that ruins foot health

For example, an athlete's foot has dry soles and hard flesh to hide something like warts. "Because of that, athlete's foot can get worse in the summer with lots of sweat, and foot pile and pumice for foot treatment, moisturizer and exfoliation can make things worse," she said.

Infections through tools

And you do not want to have the risk of infecting the person behind you. Warts can spread as they are soaked in water by others. They can hide in files, buffers, and containers, Sutra said.

Precaution for pedicure

It is best not to shave your legs before a pedicure. Sutras said that people can get infections from microscopic scratches and holes. You should pay attention to small wounds or any debris on your feet. The claws that go in and out should not pedicure in pairs.

If the color of the claw is strange,

The color of the claws can also be a problem. If your claw is yellow, it can be infected with mold.
In this case, you should consider your doctor and your test. It's not the time to do a pedicure.

Sutra's proposal for foot health

Sutra suggests not to leave manicure for more than two weeks. "Please take a day or two off and have fun, so you can breathe and then try a pedicure." She said. And if you are in a pedicure chair, do not hesitate to pay a fee. Sutra suggested taking his tools.

June 06, 2019

Super Food Ranking Top 20 You Never Dreamed

Super Food Ranking Top 20 You Never Dreamed

Living a healthy life is the ideal life we ​​dream of. For a healthy life, we always find something good. In this posting, twenty of the super foods are the foods that contain the vitamins, minerals and meaningful nutrients that we need every day. It has been cultivated for centuries and has been using it for a long time, but it is a super food you have never heard of. Now it is possible to purchase products that are far away from overseas through purchase agents. If you look for a little attention, I will introduce you to the top 20 "super food ranking you can not even dream of".


Jicama is a central American root vegetable that looks like potato or turnip, but has a slightly sweet juice. It contains only 49 calories per cup and the fiber is 6 grams. It also contains a lot of vitamin C content. How to eat: You can either slice it or boil it until it is tender.


It is a brand name with one kind of grain camomut and hori mountain wheat cultivated from ancient times. Natural cultivation methods and high nutrients are the boon of super grain camomile. Moreover, it is said that the nutrition remains intact because it is a whole grain which peeled off only the skin. Protein as well as dietary fiber, minerals, antioxidants, essential amino acids, contains amino acids including children's essential amino acids.

Boy tea

Bochcha, a Chinese fermented tea with a simple taste, can literally reduce the size of fat cells. Chinese researchers divided the experimental mice into five groups and checked their triglyceride levels while changing diets for two months. The group treated with Boi Tea extract had lower triglyceride levels and belly fat.


Like Quinoa, this nutrient packed seed is a stock of the Inca diet originating in the United States. Grain-like seeds are soft and fruit is tasty. It has more fiber and protein than wheat and brown rice. It also helps fill up the vitamins and helps lower LDL cholesterol. Amaranth can be cooked like rice, but it can be eaten even more. Chicken or steak bass or apples, almonds, goat cheese, along with important salad-baked vegetables are available.

Green Sunflower

This crunchy bean sprout occurs when sunflower seeds are planted and grown in soil for about a week. They are a lot of fat, fiber, plant proteins for heart health that are found in sunflower seeds. But calories are very low. Locate the greens in the local peasant market or in the production process of some high-end grocery stores. How to eat: After thoroughly washing vegetables, sprinkle with olive oil and simply sprinkle crunchy side dishes, salads, or sea salt on the roasted chicken. If you use it for sandwich, it will finish.


Maybe a nightmare-like curry scent This herb is often used in delicious Indian cuisine. Several studies have shown that fenugreek can help control blood sugar. Scientists have slowed carbohydrate absorption and improved insulin sensitivity, delaying gastric emptying. So I think you can lower your blood glucose response after meals. The fenugreek that can be found in Indian shops is mostly a component of curry powder. When making Southeast Asian fried rice, you can add seeds to rice dishes and blend small amounts of fenugreek powder into beef stew.

Golden Berry

Fresh, well-preserved dark yellow berries are the South America of origin and manufacture. In the United States, it is more likely that you will be able to obtain fruit dried forms. This dried golden berry contains 4 g protein and 5 g fiber in one. It is also an excellent source of vitamin A and antioxidants. How to Eat: You can eat snacks like dried fruit alone, like raisins, or partly in salads and breakfast cereals. If you need extra energy and need weight loss, Golden Berry will be the best snack.

Aaronia Berry

It's a praise of Native American people as a miracle fruit. This little tart berry (also known as chokeberry) has been repackaged in super food. Violet is more anthocyanin than any fruit, so you can get a strong antioxidant effect. Aronia has been shown to be effective in cardiovascular disease, mastoid inflammation. It is easy to make juice, eat it or mix it like a smoothie.


Sardines are the best source of omega-3 fatty acids comparable to salmon. Also, they make the bone stronger. Studies show that omega-3 is effective in Alzheimer's disease and can also improve cholesterol levels.

Celery Evil

This vegetable that is not pretty but rugged can cover with taste. The health of this celery is due to Vitamin K, which strengthens the bones. It is a good source of vitamin C and potassium. How to eat: When you make soup and stew, it goes well with other root vegetables. It can be used instead of potatoes. You can reduce your carbohydrate intake.

Holy Basil

The popular Indian herb known as TULSI is an ideal ingredient that brings freshness and flavor to almost every food. Animal studies have shown that Basil's natural chemicals can help fight diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. You can cut fresh basil and sprinkle them on scrambled eggs or soups or roast them when cooking.


Like yogurt, this fermented dairy drink 'kefir' is made by cultivating grains and fresh milk.
Kefir improves lactose digestion by lowering cholesterol by containing beneficial bacteria. It is also known to strengthen the immune system. Recently, scientists at the University of Washington have shown that kefir fruit juice is more effective in controlling hunger than other dairy products. Kefir can replace milk shakes with light breakfast, sweet snacks or desserts.

Hemp seed nut

These nuts are derived from hemp seeds used to grow cannabis. (I know what you are thinking, but that's not the answer.) This gives 6g of higher quality protein than beef or fish spoon. Each nut contains alphalinoleic acid to help with heart health. How to eat: Enjoy it right on the bass, or eat salad and a little bit of oatmeal in the morning.

Asai Berry

Acai berry taken from the Amazon palm tree is like grape size and chocolate blueberry flavor.
According to a study by the Agricultural and Food Chemistry Journal, black and purple berries have a higher antioxidant effect than pomegranate and blueberries. Studies at the University of Florida have shown that the extract of Asai is effective in the treatment of leukemia cells.

Mung beans

This bean, which is commonly eaten in China and India, has a soft texture and sweet fruit flavor. It is high in potassium, iron, fiber and contains 24% protein. Unlike many other beans, mung beans do not destroy vitamin C even after boiling, and most of them remain. Boil the dried mung beans until soft and add to the salad.


Kim is super food which is used not only in Korea but also in Japanese style. Especially in Japan, I use spicy tuna to make rolls. Add soup, salad and sushi to a slightly salty mineral flavor. Fibers and protein-rich steams can also be used to fight cancer, including plant nutrients called lignans, which prevent tumor growth. You can use sushi rolls, grinds instead of salt, or grill to eat as side dishes.


PEPPADEW peppers are spicy and sweet and appear to be between cherries or tomatoes and peppers. Popular with African Aboriginal and American chefs. Vitamin B6 protects the heart, lycopene pack with anticancer effect, vitamin C is abundant. Avocado and almonds or garlic can be eaten as a simple pasta salad with olive oil and olive oil.


In Deep South, crocodiles are popular with chefs and home cooks. Good texture and spices like veal and good sauce. Crocodiles are richer protein packs than omega-3 fatty acids and beef or chicken. It is a good match with all-you-can-eat dishes of crocodile shrimp and beef steak. Crocodiles can be cooked in high heat on a grill or frying pan and then cooked with 2 tablespoons of seasoning.


Kid Olive is a shiny mayonnaise style sauce made with olive oil, eggs and garlic. It comes from southern France and traditionally comes with seafood, boiled eggs and vegetables. A child's replacement for commercial mayonnaise includes heart healthy olive oil, protein and vitamin E-rich eggs, and cholesterol-lowering garlic.

Squash (Pork Potato)

This is called a pork chop and is called a pork potato. It has nothing to do with Israeli artichokes. North America is the country of origin. It has a twisted potato shape, and the fruit has a slightly sweet taste. They have a twisted potato shape and fruit, with a slightly sweet taste. Fructo-oligosaccharides in the digestive tract contain fibers that promote intestinal health and improve immunity. Try this dish as an alternative to fried potatoes.

June 06, 2019

Kinds of Foods That Are Rather Poisonous

Kinds of Foods That Are Rather Poisonous

It is the period when we spend hot weather regardless of breakfast lunch and dinner. How are you? In hot weather, you have to be more careful about eating more for your body. A body that is immune to hot weather can easily become sick due to changes. Especially, if we eat food that we eat 3 meals every day, we can harm our body. Based on the information of the Japanese Health Center, we introduce 12 kinds of foods that are rather poisonous when you eat together.

Eel + peach → diarrhea
If you eat peaches after eating eels, you can suffer from diarrhea. Eel eels are chewy, but digestion is slow. It is the fat contained in the eel. Eels contain 21% fat, which is broken down into fatty acids by lipase in the small intestine. It can cause diarrhea by eating peaches even before the breakdown is over. This is because the organic acid that gives off the refreshing taste of peach stimulates the intestines.
Octopus + ferns → indigestion
Octopus and bracken are both burdensome foods. Octopus is a high protein, but it does not digest well, and bracken has a lot of fiber, so it is difficult for someone with weak stomach to digest. If you eat both of these together, the digestion may worsen due to the worse yet.
Shellfish + corn → food poisoning
Seashells are also susceptible to crab damage or germs. In the spawning season, toxins are also made to protect themselves.
Corn is also a food that cannot be digested. If you eat corn after eating shellfish, digestion will be slowed down and harmful bacteria will not be released, resulting in stomach and food poisoning.
Steak + butter → cholesterol rise
The tenderloin and sirloin for steak are soft and tasty with plenty of fat. However, there is a lot of fat, high calorie high cholesterol food. This is the same for butter. Therefore, if you use butter together while cooking a steak, it will melt gently in your mouth, but it is difficult for your blood to gently blur.
crab + persimmon → food poisoning
If you eat persimmons, dried persimmons, and crystal dishes after eating crab dishes, you may get food poisoning with indigestion. Crab is a high-protein food, fast-growing food poisoning bacteria. If there is a harmful ingredient in a crab, it should be released as diarrhea immediately. If you eat persimmon, you may get constipation because of tannin ingredient in it. Because of this, harmful fungi remain in the body and can lead to food poisoning.
Ramen + Coke → calcium deficiency
Coke, a carbonated drink, interferes with calcium absorption. This also applies to ramen. Ramen is chemically chemically bound to calcium and is prone to calcium deficiency. If you drink a cup of cola after eating ramen, you can pull all the calcium stored in your body and make your bones and teeth weak. This can lead to osteoporosis and tooth decay.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

June 05, 2019

450 Won for One, 6 Amazing Effects of the Eggplant

450 Won for One, 6 Amazing Effects of the Eggplant

Poppy in China is said to have used egg packs for skin care. 93% of the branches contain water, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins, but nutrients are not much. However, the anthocyanin contained in the purple shell enhances the efficacy of the branch, and Antoshian acts as an antioxidant to remove active oxygen, which is the main cause of aging. Dietary fiber of the branch is also a nutrient that helps the intestinal health. In Japan, we announced the six benefits of eggplant, introducing 6 amazing benefits of Eggplant at 450 won per egg.

Enhancement of chapter function

It is the efficacy of the branch which strengthens the chapter function. Dietary fiber of the branch is a typical enteral nutrition nutrient. It not only improves the diseases such as constipation, but also has the effect of preventing intestinal diseases by removing the waste matter in the intestines. In addition, constipation when you diet can be prevented by the effect.

Anti-cancer effect

The efficacy of the branch has been noticed because of the polyphenol ingredient, which is known to have the ability to inhibit carcinogens. This kind of polyphenol is very effective because the inhibition rate of cancer cells is 80%.

Antipyretic therapy

The nature of the branch helps to lower the fever of a person who is hot in the tea because of this reason, and it can see the efficacy of the branch to cleanse the mind that has been mixed with heat by ingesting the branch. It is better to avoid those who are cold because of the cold nature of these branches.

Hypertension treatment

The efficacy of the branch has the effect of lowering blood pressure and it should be consumed steadily. Dietary intake of branches can help improve the symptoms of dizziness and cleanse blood, so you can prevent hyperlipidemia through the steady intake of the branches.

Inflammation treatment

The cold nature of the branches is good for inflammation, and the inflammation becomes worse in the original hot environment. Therefore, if you have inflammation, eat the food of the branch can quickly help to cure inflammation. In fact, long ago, these effects of the worms have been fixed with the effect of the warts, such as the features of the branch of the branch is said to be especially.

Fatigue recovery effect

The efficacy of the branch has a very high vitamin content, which is good for relieving fatigue by eliminating the stress of cells. It also provides basic nutrition and is good for chronic fatigue. If you continue to consume the eggplant, you can see the effect of improving the physical strength.

June 05, 2019

Miranda Kerr's Daily Recipe for Skin Care

Miranda Kerr's Daily Recipe for Skin Care

Overseas, various super foods have been attracting attention, but there is super food which is attracting attention because it is very effective in skin beauty among super food. Especially, this supermarket is famous for being a favorite supermarket brand Miranda. Its name is "Moringa". Topical food "Moringa" has a very big effect on beauty. It helps to solve the problems of women such as diet effect and anti-aging.

What is Moringa?

Moringa is a kind of plant that grows in northern India and has been loved by locals for their health and beauty. It is usually a leaf of a plant, but it is actually very nutritious, and Cleopatra was said to have been drinking Moringa tea from ancient times.

Moringa effect - detoxification effect

Moringa is rich in dietary fiber, which has the effect of improving the intestinal environment. Improvement of the intestinal environment leads to relieving constipation, and it is possible to discharge unnecessary waste accumulated in the body.

Moringa effect - anti-aging

Moringa contains antioxidant polyphenols. Antioxidant activity helps prevent aging in the body and helps in anti-aging.

Moringa effect - soothing effect

Moringa has a soothing effect like herbs. Relaxation is very important in beauty. Do not be frustrated by relieving stress, you can maintain your health because you do not put unnecessary stress on your body and trim your skin condition.

Which entertainer is introducing Moringa?

Super model Miranda. She is working hard to maintain her body shape. I am also concerned about various health laws and food; I love Miranda Kudo Moringa. Her charming body secret is related to super food Moringa.

How to introduce Moringa - Drinking tea

There are many things that are sold as tea leaves Moringa. How about introducing it easily by car at first? Recently, there is a way to detoxify using tea, such as toxic, so please try Moringa tea.

Introduction of Moringa - used as cooking material

We recommend eating Moringa as a dish. It is also a good idea to eat the leaves of a meringue as a salad, and it can be nourished simply by mixing the meringue powder with bread or pastry or adding it to the cream.

Introduction of Moringa - Supplement

I want to eat Moringa autumn more easily. Such people recommend supplementation. This can be easily ingested without having to cook food or tea because it is drinkable with water.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

June 04, 2019

Things to Eat, Unexpectedly Sugar-Filled

Things to Eat, Unexpectedly Sugar-Filled

Are you worried about sugar intake? People who are aware of health and diet and who control the amount of sugar and sugar in coffee or coffee and cookies and sweeties such as candy cannot be underestimated. But what is scary is that we eat a lot of sugar without knowing it. It is said that a lot of sugar may be contained in the food which is usually unintentionally close to the mouth. Today, referring to the overseas information site "Eco Watch" article, "10 things to eat unexpected sugar-filled idea" is introduced.

Seasoning - 4.5 tablespoons of sugar in 2 tablespoons

Ketchup, barbecue sauce, steak sauce, salad dressing, mayonnaise, and mustard, seasoning contains a lot of sugar. Some commercial barbecue sauces contain about 13 grams of sugar in 2 tablespoons. Be careful if you like to have plenty of sauce.

Fruit flavored yogurt - lump sugar 15.6 pieces

Many people think yogurt is a healthy food. But yogurt containing fruit contains 47g of sugar out of 226g. When you eat, please choose yogurt unsweetened and add fresh fruit to it.

Pasta sauce - 4 lump sugar per 1/2 cup

Paste the pasta noodles and use it for cooking Just bought pasta sauce is very convenient when you are busy. However, 1/2 cup of commercially available pasta sauce contains about 12 g of sugar. Making as much as possible can reduce your sugar intake.

Dried fruits - 8 lump sugar per 1/3 cup

It is popular because it is easy to buy at a convenience store and it is also good for beauty. 1/3 cup of dried fruit contains 24g of sugar. If you think health, please choose no sugar.

Granola bar - three sugar balls

Granola bar which can be eaten simply in the morning. They often contain nuts and dried fruits, and they are delicious. However, one granola bar has 12 grams of sugar hidden. It is recommended because you can make as you like if you make homemade.

Bread - 1 piece of sugar per piece

There will be many toast and coffee for breakfast and sandwiches and bread for lunch. However, a piece of bread contains about 2g of sugar. If you put jam on it, the amount of sugar will rise, so be careful.

Cereal - 7 sugar cubes per cup

Milk-fed cereal is a popular substitute for breakfast. There is a difference depending on the product, this is also used a lot of sugar. For example, raisin cereal contains 20 grams of sugar per cup.

Peanut Butter - 1 tablespoon sugar per 2 tablespoons

Peanut butter made from nutritious peanuts is rich and tasty. It is also called "Devil's Butter". But 2 tablespoons contain 3g sugar. I like kids, but it is better to refrain from applying plenty of bread.


Delimits (meat) such as sausage and ham also contain sugar. In addition, corn syrup or an artificial sweetener, aspartame, is being used. Sandwiches made with bread, mayonnaise and deli meats are not good for your health.

Tomato soup cans - 3 lump sugar per 1/2 cup

Tomato soup cans for a healthy diet, but the sugar is actually hidden. It is said that 10 grams of sugar is used per 1/2 cup, and many products use isomerization sugar (sugar + liquid fructose mixed sweetener).

For reference, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a daily intake of 25 g sugar (8 sugar). If you do not consume, it is easy to overdose. Please note that not only the visible sugar, but also the invisible sugar contained in the market.